by Tensen Design

With a design philosophy of being true to the material and keeping the aesthetic clean and minimal, Tensen Design set out to develop a mill from naturally beautiful materials.

Striking the right balance of textures and weighting, they refined each of the primary components until the Karbon Mill felt just right in their hands. Through an iterative design process they meticulously dialed in the tolerances of each part for a final result of impeccable craftsmanship.

The end result of their design efforts is what we hope will be a welcome addition to kitchens around the globe.


In addition to the clean minimalist design, Tensen Design wanted the Karbon Mill to be made with long lasting premium materials that are more common in aerospace and the exotic car world than our kitchens. They set out to design a long lasting product.  And what they hope will be the last set of mills you ever need to purchase.